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grouping of individuals of similar statuses or positions in the social heirarchy, thus sharing similar political and economical interests(upper, upper middle, middle, working, lower)
social mobility
movement up or down the socio economic ladder
closed system
ones status is ascribed based on traits which you have no control
open system
status acheived based on ability or effort
functionalist stratification
<> motivation
conflict stratification
concrete goods
ability to realize ones own will over that of others
amount of respect one recieves
racial groups
set apart due to obvious physical differences
ethnic groups
set apart due to country of origin or distinct cultural patterns
minority group
subordinate group whos members have significantly less control or power over their own lives than members of the dominant group
5 traits of minority group
1. unequal treatment
2. distinguishing pyshical/cultural characteris
3. involuntary membership solidarity
5.marriage is in-group
biological significance
migration, exploration, invasion, colonization
one race is superior
negative attitude towards people of particular category
process of denying opp. and equal rights because of prej.
one culture is the only way
glass cieling
invisible barrier that blocks promotion or a qualified individual because of race, gender, etc.
institutional discrimination
denial of opp resulting from the normal operations of society(princeton legacies)