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What are the six components of culture?
1. Symbol
2. Language
3. Gestures
4. Values and Beliefs
5. Material Culture
6. Norms
Define and Apply: subculture.
Cultural patterns set apart some segment of society's population
What are the seven agents of socialization?
1. Family
2. Education
3. Peers
4. Media
5. Social Class
6. Neighborhoods
7. Religion
Define and Apply: macrosociology
The study of large-scale society, focusing on the social structures that exist within a society and examining how those structures create the social world.
Socialization in a church community
Define and Apply: microsociology
The study of the small interactions of daily life.
Socialization with your mother.
Define and Apply: Primary Groups
Groups that are small, intimate, and enduring.
Yourself and your two best friends.
Define and Apply: Secondary Groups.
Groups that are formal, superficial, and temporary.
Yourself and your sociology class.
Define and Apply: Status
A social position that an individual occupies.
Define and Apply: Status Set
All the statuses held at one time.
Student, Sister
Define and Apply: Ascribe Status
Involuntary positions
Define and Apply: Achieved Status
Voluntary positions
Define and Apply: Master Status
Special Identity, what you introduce yourself as.
Define and Apply: Role
The behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status.
Be prompt
Define and Apply: Role Set
A number of roles attached to a single status
Be prompt, do homework, study, learn
List the personal space from closest to farthest
1. Intimate Distance (0-18")
2. Personal Distance (18"- 4')
3. Social Distance (4'-12')
4. Public Distance (12' - greater)
What are the three decision making styles?
1. Autocratic- determines group policies and assigns tasks
2. Democratic- determines group policies by discussion and agreement
3. Laissez Faire- Led by absence
Define and Apply: Cultural Relativism
The practice of judging a culture by its own standards
Going to India to help solve the starvation problem and try to use the tools that they have to fix it. (Such as better farming techniques)
Define and Apply: Counterculture
Cultural patterns that strongly oppose those widely accepted within society.
Nazi activists
Define and Apply: Ethnocentrism
The practice of judging another culture by the standards of one's own culture.
Going to India to try to fix the starvation problem and telling them to kill a cow.
Define and Apply: Culture Shock
Disorientation due to the inability to make sense out of one's surroundings.
Two men holding hands in another culture doesn't mean that they are gay.