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Sexual Scripts
the ideas taught to us about what is appropriate sexual behavior for a person of our gender
Coming out
the process of defining oneself as gay or lesbian
a social movement in the early twentieth century that sought to apply scientific principles of genetic selection to “improve” the offspring of the human race
the institutionalization of heterosexuality as the only socially legitimate sexual orientation
the fear and hatred of homosexuality
Queer Theory
a perspective where multiple forms of sexual identity are possible and can be seen in how people cross the ordinarily assumed boundaries.
Sexual Orientation
the manner in which individuals experience sexual arousal and pleasure
Sexual Politics
the link feminists argue exists between sexuality and power and between sexuality and race, class, and gender oppression
Sexual Revolution
the widespread changes in men’s and women’s roles and a greater public acceptance of sexuality as a normal part of social development
Social Construction Perspective
a theoretical perspective that explains sexual identity as created and learned within a cultural, social, and historical context