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if tested again could the same results be collected?
Does it give a true picture?
is does the ressults interpret the situation?
The hawethorne effect
when the obserever influences the situation with out intent
Data collected often in numerical form, favored by those of the positivistic approach
data collected from peoples views opinions, favoured by the interprevisits
Random sample
a sample of a population where each member of the population has an equal chance of being in the sample
Quota sample
A nonprobability sample that takes into account the proportion of individuals in different population categories (age, gender, etc.) within the population. This is a nonprobability type of sample method
Stratified sample
a sample obtained by the process of dividing a population into categories representing distinctive characteristics and then selecting a random sample from each category.
Snowball sample
A non-probability sampling method often employed in field research. In snowball sampling, each person interviewed may be asked to suggest additional people for interviewing.
study of fundamental principles that defines values and determines moral duty and obligation