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Name 5 qualities of a good college science student
Precision, Honesty, Loigical, Systematic, Problem Solving, analytical, curiousity, active in class, use library, research method literacy, Team Player, Observant, Discipline
Who is known for the Functionalist theory?
Emile Durkhiem
What was Merton's application of the functionalist theory
Manifest functions, Latent Functions, Manifest and Latent Dysfunctions
Which spelling is correct?
Defin function?
How a component of a social system contributes to serve the needs of the social system in the way of the component.
Define Dysfunction
How a compnent doesn't work, how it doesn't need the needs of a social system
Define Manifest
evident, observable, intended, predictable
Define Latent
there but unable to see, un predictable, unintended.
who coined the term "Knowledge worker"
Peter drucker
What is Empirical Science?
Science that uses the senses
What are the five senses?
Sight Touch Sound Taste Smell
How many steps are in Robich's Research process?
Which step in Robich's research process is this?

Define the problem to be researched
Step 1
What is Step 2?
Review the Literature
Where do you find scientific literature?
Library, Scientific Journals
What is step 3 of the Research Process?
Identify concepts that are apart of your theoretical statements.
Which step in Robich's research process is this?

Generate Hypothesis from your theory and its concepts
Step 4
What is the primary movitvation of research study initiatives?
Personal Interest
Which step in Robich's research process is this?

Choose your research design
Stage 5
Which step in Robich's research process is this?

Collect Data
Step 6
Which step in Robich's research process is this?

Analyze Data
Step 7
Which step in Robich's research process is this?

Report your findings
Step 8
What are the three ways to report your findings?
-Scientific Articles/Journals
-Scientific Convention (Meeting)
-Publish a Monograph