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Disengagement Theory
Society improves function by letting older people go from responsibility.
Activity Theory
Concept that high level of personal activity increases like satisfaction of older people.
Modernization Theory
Focuses on factors and conditions needed for country to become modern.
Dependency Theory
Explains global inequality as result of explotation of lower income nations by higher income nations.
World Systems Theory
Explains global inequality-where higher income nations benefit from lower income nations.
Study of common sense knowledge people use to organize and understand their life.
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
Language shapes the specific way people understand, view and interpretate reality.
Symbolic-Interactionist Perspective
People create and shape their social world through use of symbols and agreed upon meanings.
Theoretical Perspective
Basic image used as way to understand society.
Functionalist Perspective
View that society is a relatively stable and orderly system
Macro Level
Examine social institutions and large scale social processes rather than small groups that shape society.
Micro Level
Face to face interactions between people and small groups.
Conflict Perspective
Views society as groups with clashing interest and engage in struggle over scarce resources.
exp-one group has control over jobs, buildings, money,ect
Preindustrial societies-relationships based upon friendship and family
Large Urban Society-impersonal based on individual self interest.
Manifest Function
Intended or expected consequence of an activity.

exp-Manifest Function of
wedding is to legally join couple
Latent Function
Consequences that are unintended or unrecognized.

exp-see family at a wedding
Quantitive Research
Research emphasizes numerical data.
Qualitive Research
Research that shows way people interact rather than numerical data.
Sociological Perspective
Ability to see the general in perspective.
Where rich move in and take over city by renovating, ect and moving out the lower income class.
Socialist Economies are also called:
Command Economies
What is the most common for of Social Control?
Informal Social Control
Bilateral Descent
Tracing of Kinship through both men and women
Practice of marriage within a group
Practice of marriage outside of a group
Marrying someone with the same interest
Practice of evaluating other cultures by the values and standards of our culture.