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What is Sociology
The systamatic and scientic study of human social life. , the study of people as they form groups a dn interact with one another.
Who is considered the father of Sociology?
Ausate Comte - 1798-1857
What did Conte believ in terms of understanding society.
To understand society you have to follow certain procedures - scientific method.
What is the Scientific Method
The use of systematic and specific procedures to test theories in psychology and social sciences.
The application of the scientific method to the analysuis of society.
What did Comte believe that the sociology could achive
Sociology could be used to inspire social reforms and generally make a society a better palce for its members.
What are the 2 types od Sociology
1. Qualitative
2. Quantitative
Qualitative Sociology
Developed by Albion Small
concerned with trying to obtain and accurate picture of a group and how it operates in the world.
Qualitataive Sociology Today
Empahisis on understanding individuals experiences by examing their books, television programs, interactions,ceremonies and other elements.
Relies on statistical analysis to understand experiences and trends.
What does Social Sciences concern.
Concerns peoples relationships and interaactiosn with each other.
Concerns individual cultures in society, rather than the society as a whole. Focus on primitive cultures.
Political Science
Concerns governmsnts of various societies. Considers what kind of govenrment as society has, how it formed, how individuals attain power in government.
Study humna barain, how it functions, issues of memory, dreams, learning and perception.
Focus on production and distribution of societys goods and services.