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What is human trafficking?
Obtaining forced labor or sexual services from a person using force, fraud, or coercion against that person's will.
What are some facts about human trafficking?
1) 2nd most lucrative activity.
2) 18,000-20,000 people trafficed each year into the U.S.
3) Human trafficking is a job and can be negotiated moneywise by where there from.
4) It can be little human trafficking shops to huge international organizations.
Human Trafficking VS. Human Smuggling
Smuggling is the consensual across a national border.
Who are the trafficking victims?
1) Men, women, children from other countries (13-23 years old).
2) People from extreme poor countries.
What do they treat the trafficking victims as?
Livestock- Value them for attractiveness, attended use, and market activity.
How do trafficking victims get to the United States?
1) Promises of steady work.
2) May sell themselves or by parents into debt bondage.
3) May pay traffickers the money and not know they'll be like slaves.
What types of labor are trafficking victims forced into?
1) Sex Industry (nearly half)
2) Domestic Service (1/3)
3) Agriculture (13%)
4) Sweatshops (6%)
5) Food Service (5%)
6) Entertainment Industry (4%)
How do the owners control their slaves?
1) Treat them as non-humans.
2) Isolate them from outside world.
3) Provide only news and culture from their own country.
4) Tell slaves that the local police are very corrupt.
5) Give slaves false identity and cover stories.
6) Tell slaves they aren't allowed to talk to anyone from the outside world directly.
7) They tell them if they don't listen well then they will be shipped back with disgrace on the family.
8) Beat them.
What is being done to address Human Trafficking?
1) Trafficking Protection act.
2) Rigorous approach of trafficking laws.
3) Law enforcement has quick findings of illegal aliens.
4) Victim center approach.
5) Customs/Immigration have forced laws dramatically.
6) Safe Housing for victims.
7) Public awareness programs