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What is a pedophile?
*16 years or older
*Has had sexually arousing dreams with a pre-convescent child.
*Urges or actions with a child 5 years younger.
*Has done actions with child for 6 months or longer.
What is a child molester?
Individuals who have "diddled" with someone under 18 years old (even once).
What is the common ground between pedophiles and child molesters?
Both have paraphilic interests.
What leads to molesting? (GENETIC FACTORS)
Contribute to any social behavior.
What leads to molesting? (BAD PARENTING)
Parents who reject or abuse their kids cause them to not be able to make emotional, intimate bonds with other age kids or adults.
What leads to molesting? (PHYSICAL MATURATION)
Interested in sex but the relationship part scares them.
They confuse the emotional intimacy with sex.
Does distorted thinking cause molesting activities?
NO-offenders use it to rationalize their behavior.
Why do molesters lie about their behavior?
They know the rest of society doesn't accept that.
What are some cognitive distortions and therapy?
Therapists try to stop the offenders from using rationalizations and thinking of distortions.
Whats the profile of a "typical" sex offender?
*married (or has been)
What are some AZ sex offender statistics?
*11,000 registered sex offenders in AZ.
*1/3 of all AZ inmates have sexually violent histories.
*1/5 of AZ inmates are in jail for sex offences.
*1,500 people in Maricopa County are on prohibition for sexual offence.
What is a containment approach to the problem?
Team of professionals closely monitors the offenders.
EX.- paroll officer, therapist.
What is a cognitive behavioral intervention?
They tell them up front to not have those bad distortions. They make them stop rationalizing situations.
What is relapse prevention planning?
Therapists teach offenders to identify and avoid feelings or situations that make them want to molest.
What is polygraphy and plethysmography?
Lie detector tests.
How can you protect your kids from sex offenders?
1) Never leave your child alone with someone you don't know.
2) Know what your child is always doing.
3) Look over your child's internet activity.