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What do people think Agribusiness is?
Food, Fiber, Fisheries, and Forestry industries.
What is Agribusiness (for real)?
The industries that produce the materials needed to operate the "Four F's" and the industries that produce goods made from the products of the "Four F's."
What is the average american's food budget spent on?
More than 50% of food budget is spent away from home.
What kind of population growth can we expect in the future?
1) 9 billion people by 2050.
2) Biggest increases will be in still developing countries.
3) Developed nations will also contribute because their citizens will live longer.
Why is producing enough food to keep pace with population growth NOT a problem?
1) Bio-tech Revolution (genetically modified foods)
2) Food will be produced in labs and factories.
3) Bio-technology makes possible that production of only the portion of food that people actually ingest.
What are the impacts of the biotechnology revolution on society?
1) By 2015 every American will engage half of there time in leisure activities/pursuits.
2) Leisure activities/industries will account for more then half of the labor force.
3) Food production and pharmacutical production will merge.
4) Bio-genetic corn, wheat, and tree stocks allow us to make bio-degradeable plastic and fuels.
What decision will the private sectors have to make?
Step up and join the government to give hand outs of food to poor countries.
What stands in the way of making all these wondrous developments available to the average citizen?
People who are opposed to genetically modified foods.
What are the last words from former President, Jimmy Carter?
"Responsible bio-technology is not the enemy, starvation is."