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What are personal problems (troubles)?
Personal problems have to do with the individual and his/her immediate surroundings.

EX.- Unemployed, own source of support.
What are social problems (public issues)?
Problems within major social institutions and they affect the society as a whole.

EX.- Rate of unemployment were to rise to the level it was during the Depression of the 1930's.
What is the process of resolving social problems?
1) Change must take place at the institutional level.
2) You must decide that a problem exists.
3) Majority of people must stand behind the issue.
What is a social movement?
When people identify a problem in society and then they organize a way to resolve it.
What is collective behavior?
People come together to perceive a problem, they fulfill it, and then they disband once the mission is accomplished.
What are the social movements strategy for change?
1) Need to persuade members to make change for the issue.
2) Press legislation (petition) majority.
What are the reasons for collective behavior?
1) May insue to fill a gap in information that makes people concerned or anxious.
EX.- High stress to survive.

2) People need direction/help to survive.