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Pygmies in the Congo jungles
deplete an area of fruit and game in about a month.
In hunting-gathering societies,
inequality is not very great within age and sex groups.
The development of ___ enabled people to settle in permanent locations.
Production of surplus makes ___ more possible.
the existence of specialized, full-time government officials, slavery, the existence of a specialized military and complex division of labor
In ___ societies, the more productive labor is, the fewer laborers have relative to the wealthiest classes, and the more laborers are exploited.
The military superiority and dominance of mounted, armored knights was fully recognized as a result of
the defeat of the Saracens by the Franks in the year 733.
The political system known as "feudalism" initially developed mainly as a means of
financing and supplying armored knights.
The ruling elites of agrarian societies typically
took up to half of the society's total production.
The most successful agrarian societies in the history of the world were also the
most highly stratified societies in the history of the world.
Technological societies can exist only with an educated labor force. As a result the average worker is more powerful and thus more able to resist
Compared to agrarian nations, workers in industrialized countries tend to be more powerful partly because
they must be more educated in order to be as productive as they need to be.
In industrial nations, wages and profits are determined more by
government than by supply and demand.
The more educated a worker is, the harder he or she is to
Blau and Duncan argued
the is not, how are people mobile? But how do people attain their statuses?
According to Yinon Cohen and Andrea Tyree education is more important to
determining status among people from poor homes than for others.
Studies dealing with female status attainment in the United States and Canada show that
women with full-time jobs come from higher-status among people from poor homes than for others.
Working women have
higher average occupational prestige than working men because married women who are only able to do low-paying jobs often find it is not economically worthwhile to take a paying job at all.
One reason working women disproportionately come from high status families is that
daughters of the least-educated and lowest-status fathers are less likely to work full-time.
Michael Rout discovered that, in the United States in recent years the
correlation between family background and occupational attainment has decreased.
According to Bonnie Erickson; the nature of the most popular topic for conversations at work
disadvantages women and the foreign-born.
Fear and loathing of strangers is
almost universal human traits.
The American Civil War brought about a temporary halt to
the large migration of French speaking Canadians to the United States to escape repression by English-speaking Canadians.
Conflict between many European ethnic groups in America has vanished mostly because of accommodation, which has resulted in
cultural homogenization.
Researchers have typically found that education is
negatively correlated with racial prejudice
The fact that ____ challenged the claim of many social scientists in the 1940's and 1950's that "prejudice thrives in isolation.
''white Southern prejudice against African-Americans in spite of close contact between whites and blacks in the South
According to the author of your text, many whites in America came to regard blacks as not being fully human partly because
the conditions of black enslavement prevented them from acting as if they were fully human.
moneylenders, merchants, and tax collectors in the Middle Ages are examples of
a middleman minority.
As a group, the "Okies" became a target of discrimination and hostile stereotyping by native white Californians because Okies posed an economic threat to them, and because
the Okies were noticeably culturally different from them.
America prior to World War II the education of Japanese children
surpassed that of whites very quickly.
Internment of Japanese in America during World War II
cost many Japanese Americans the farms and businesses which were their primary livelihood.
. If upon their arrival in the United States groups such as the Irish and the Japanese had spread themselves out fairly evenly across the country they would
have not been a majority or sizable minority anywhere.
People in a particular new immigrant group to the United States need and seek to increase their political influence quickly, but make up only a tiny percentage of the population as a whole. Their most effective strategy is to
concentrate their population geographically.
For an ethnic group to really economically succeed long term, they must
develop a well educated middle-class, and achieve substantial cultural assimilation, including mastering the majority language.
The Hispanic group "Cuban-Americans" has
the highest median incomes.
The longer that African Americans have ___ the higher their education and the better their jobs.
lived in the North
In comparing African American median family incomes with white median family incomes
we see that the gap between African Americans and whites is much greater if female-headed families are included in the analysis.
When individual performance statistics are taken into account, voting for the annual All-Star baseball team by millions of fans each year slightly
over represents African American players.
The fact that African Americans did not have a specific nation or society of origin
meant that they did not have the option of returning to their homeland when things did not go well.
Women have equaled men in terms of power in
no known societies.
Wives are expected to show deference to their husbands, especially in public, in
the majority of the premodern societies in the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample.
Mary Says to Jim "When you look at different nations, it is clear that the more sexist men are, the greater the gender inequality. Sexism is a major cause of gender inequality. "This statement is
In developing her theory, Marcia Guttenberg looked at
ancient Greece, Russian and Polish Jews in the 19th century, America in the 1700's, and America recently.
In 1880 in the United States, males outnumbered females
dramatically in the Western states but not in most Eastern states.
The Guttenberg and Secord theory
Russian and Polish Jews in the 19th century
The practice of female infanticide
has been pursued in most human societies.
During the Alaskan gold rush, women in the gold towns
were lavished with gifts and treated like sex objects.
Societies that practice female infanticide
often have relatively high mortality rates for women and girls too, due to providing them a less adequate diet than is provided for males.
Women in ancient Athens
were always the legal property of some male.
Where there is an excess of women,
women are more likely to be educated.
The predictions made by Guttenberg and Secord at the micro level are a type of
exchange theory.
Mexico has an excess of males primarily because
of high female mortality associated with childbirth.
Guttenberg and Secord's theory predicted that, in America, women would organize to change the balance of power first in many
Northeastern states.
Widely shared by members of the "woman movement" was (were) the idea that
there was no difference between men and women, and women possessed a superior moral nature.
The massive migration of men to the American West in the 19th century stimulated the
building and operation of huge textile mills employing women workers in New England.
According to information presented in you text, female labor force participation today involves
most women with children under age 6.
Men dominate the occupational field of
auto mechanic.
In New England in 1900, births to unwed mothers or women who married after becoming pregnant
were rising in ways consistent with Guttenberg and Secord's predictions regarding the effects of excesses of females.
The shortage of African American males is
exacerbated for African American women seeking marriage partners by the fact that African American males are much more likely than them to marry someone of another race.
The acute shortage of men face by African American women has
promoted their high rates of labor force involvement.
According to the author of your text, Guttenberg and Secord's theory
rests on the assumption that variations in the status of women will be correlated with variations in the sex ratio if other things are equal.