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Social organization
ways in which human conduct becomes socially organized
Social structure
structrue of behavior in groups and society
collection of individuals who happen to be at the same place at the same time
collection of ppl who bc of sustained interaction, have evolved a common structure of culture
social interaction
when individuals act or respond to one another
social relationships
case of enduring social interaction
expectations that emerge about how people should act
criteria for judging what is appropriate, correct, moral, and important
social roles
expectaions that group memebers have of individuals occupying the various positions within the group
relativly unimportant rules that if violated are not severly punished
important norms, the violation of which results in severe punishment
a position in an organization
arrangemenet of ppl in order of importance
master status
status that has exceptional significance for social identity
behavioral expectations and requirements attahced to a position in a social organization
social rewards or punishments for approved or disapproved behavior
social group
organization created through enduring and patterened interaction
primary groups
groups whose members are the most intimatley invlolved with each other
secondary groups
much larger and more impersonal than primary groups
hierarchial formal organization characterized by rtionality and efficiency
increasing bureaucratization in social life.
by George Ritzer "process by which the principles of the fast food resturant are coming to dominate more and more sectros of American society as well as the rest of the world"
"iron cage" of rationality
bureaucracies can be dehuminazing
Egoistic Suicide
when an invidual has minimal ties to a social group
Altrustic suicide
the sacrificing of ones life for the good of the group
anomic suicide
from durkheims. at the indivudual level, the person is not sure of what the norms are, which leads to the relativly high probablitly of suicide
largest social organization to which people owe their allegiance
Social system
a society composed of interdependent parts that are linked together into a boundary maintaining whole
social stratifaction
structural components of societies, the heirarchiacal arrangemenet of ppl in terms of power, prestige, and resources.
social arrangements that channel behavior in prescribed ways in the important areas of social life