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a system of organization
Social interaction
Everyday events in which the people involved take one another into account by consciously and unconsciously attaching meaning to the situation, interperting what others are saying and then responding accordingly
Social facts
Ideas, feelings, and ways of behaving "That possess the remarkable property of exsisting outside the consciousness of the individual."
Personal needs, problems, and difficulites that can be explained in terms of individual short-comings related to movtivation, attitude, ability, character, or judgement
a matter than can be explained only by factors outside an individual's control and immediate environment
a relatively stable and predictable arrangement amoung people that has emerged over time with the purpose of coordinating human interaction and behavior in ways that meet some social need.
Sociological Imagination
The ability to connect seemingly impersonal and remote historical forces to the most basic incidents of an individual's life. The sociological imagination enables people to distinguish between personal troubles and public issues.
The major force that drives social change.
Means of production
The resources (land, tools, equipment, factories, transportation, and labor) essential to production and distribution of goods and services.
The owners of the means of production who exploit the labor of the proletariat.
Those individuals who must sell their labor to the Bourgeoisie
The ties that bind people to one another in a society.
The act of severing relationships.
Egoistic [Suicide]
A state in which the ties attaching the individual to others in the society are weak
Altrustic [suicide]
A state suchj that individuals have no life of thier own and strive to blend in with the group to have a sense of being.
Fatalistic [suicide]
a state in which there is no hope of change thus oppressive discipline against which there is no chance of release
Social Actions
actions that people take in response to others.
Traditional action
A situation in which a goal is pursued because it was pursued in the past
Affectional action
a situation in which a goal is pursued in response to an emotion such as revenge, love or loyalty
Value-rational action
A situation in which a goal is pursued because it is valued, with no thoughts of its consequences and often without consideration of the appropriateness of the means chosen to achieve it
Instrumental action
a situation in which a goal is pursued after it has been evaluated in relation to other goals and after thorough consideration of the various means to achieve it
a great spiritual void accompanied by a crisis of meaning which occurs when people focus so uncritically on the ways they go about achieving a valued goal that they loose sight of that goal
Double Consciousness
According to DuBois, “this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.” The double consciousness includes a sense of two-ness: “An American, a Negro, two souls, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.”
Globalization from above
Global scale forces that connect people from around the world with educational, economic, and political advantages, exploiting or pushing to the sidelines those who are not so advantaged
Globalization from below
Global forces at the grassroots level that aim to protect, restore, and nurture the environment and to enhance the ordinary people’s access to the basic resources they need to live a dignified existence