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Behavior that violates significant social norms
mark of social disgrace that sets the deviance apart from teh rest of society
social scientists who study criminal behavior
views deviance as the natural otugrowth of teh value, norms, and structure of society
Strain theory
situation that arise when the norms of society are unclear or are no longer applicable
explains deviance as a natural occurance
control theory
explains deviance as a learned behavior
cultural transmiaaon theory
frequency and closeness of associations a person has with deviant and nondevian individual
differntial association
suspend their moral beliefs to commite deviant acts
techniques of neutralization
focuses on how individuals come to be identified as deviant
labeling theory
nonconformity that goes undetected by those in authority
primiary deviance
individuals being labeled as deviant and accepting the label as true
secondary deviance
process of labeling an individual as deviant is usually accompained by Harold Garfinkel
degradation ceremony
any act that is labeled as such by those in authority, is prohibited by law, and is punishable by the government
high social status in professional lives
white-collar crime
large-scale orgainization of professional criminals that control some vice or business through violence or the threat of viloence
crime syndicate
police, courts, and corrections
criminal-justice system
the number id criminal offenses and teh number if full time police officers make it neccessary for the police to employ discretion in their decision involving arrest
police discretion
practice of assuming that nonwhite Americans are mosre likely to commit crime than white Americans
racial profiling
process if legal negotiation that allows an accused person to plead guilty to a lesser charge in return for a lighter sentence
plea barganing