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those experiences that train, discipline, and develop the mental and physical potentials of the maturing person.
informal education
education that occurs in a spontaneous, unplanned way.
formal education
a systematic, purposeful, planned effort intended to impart specific skills and modes of thought
a program of formal and systematic instruction that takes place primarily in classrooms but also includes extracurricular activities and out-of-classroom assignments
functionally illiterate
a term describing people who do not possess the level of reading, writing, and calculating skills needed to function in the society in which they live.
the inability to understand and use a symbol system, whether it is based on sounds, letters, numbers, pictographs, or some other type of character.
formal curriculum
the various subjects such as mathematics, science, English, reading, physical education and so on.
hidden curriculum
all the other "lessons" that students learn along with the subject matter
self-fufilling prophecy
a concept that begins with a false definition of a situationi, which people assume to be accurate and thus behave as if it were true. The misguided behavior produces responses that confirm the false definition.