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Fertility rate
the average number of children that women bear in their lifetime
Aging populations
situations in which the percentage of the population 65 and older is increasing relative to other age groups
view family as made up of members who are linked together by blood, marriage, or adoption.
Defining Family
can emphasize kinship, membership characteristics, legal recognition, and/or social function.
Membership characteristics
view family in terms of who should be counted as a family member
a standard against which real cases can be compared
Legal recognition
when legal recognition is the defining criterion of a family, a family is defined as two or more people whose living and/or procreation arrangement are recognized under the law as constituting a family.
Social function of the family
-to regulate sexual behavior
-to replace dying members of society
-to socialize the young
-to provide care and emotional support
-to confer social status
Life chances
A critical set of potential social advantages, including everything from the chance to live past the first year of life to the chance to live independently in old afe.
Conflict view of family life
conflict theorists argue that family members have competing interests and some members have the power to exercise their will over other members.
Reproductive work
involves not only bearing children but cargiving, managing households, and educating children.
Secure parental employment
A situation in which at least one parent or gaurdian is employed full-time (35 or more hours for at least 50 weeks in the past year)
includes norms requiring or encouraging people to marry someone from a different social category.
includes norms requiring or encouraging people to marry a member of the same social category.
Surplus wealth
wealth beyond what is neede to meet the basic needs (food and shelter)
Foritified households
preindustrial arrangements in which households act as armed units, as there is no police force, malitia, national guard, or other peacekeeping organization.
Private households
emerge with the establishment of a market economy, a centralized, bureaucratic state, and agencies of social control that alleviate the need for citizens to take the law into their own hands.
Advanced market economies
-offer widespread employment opportunities for women
-men and women offer each other economic, social and reproductive benefits in partnerships.
Cargiver burden
The extent to which caregivers believe that their emotional balance, physical health, social life, and financial status suffer because of their caregiver role.