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The systematic study of humanan society.
Sociological Perspective
Seeing the general in the particular.
Global Perspective
The study of a larger world and our societies place in it.
3 groups the world can be broken down into.
High Income Coutried, Middle Income Countries, And Low Income Countries
High Income Countries
The nations with the highest standard of living, generate most of the worlds goods, thus making the people in the society richer for living there.
Middle Income Countries
Nations with a standard living avg. More rural areas, animals for transportation ..etc.
Also Less rich, more poor
Low Income Countries
Very low standards, struggle to get food, shelter, and safe water. Very few rich, Mass amounts of poor
How did industrial change affect society?
The change from working at home in fields to working in factories under strangers as bosses weakend traditions that guided life for centuries.
How did growth of cities affect society?
Factory owners buying farm land forcing people to move to the cities and work in factories. Also caused social problems such as pollution, crime, and homelessness.
How did political change affect society?
Growth in cities shifted the focus of moral duties to God and King to pursuit of self interest. People demanded own liberties, outbreaks and revolutions broke out.