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What is non-material culture?
1. language
2. beliefs
3. values
4. norms
What is material culture?
objects (flag, food, statues, clothing, cars, houses)
What are the 3 types of norms?
1. folkways
2. mores
3. taboos
What is the definition of norm?
expected behavior
What is a folkway?
informal expectation of behavior
What are mores?
a formal expectation of behavior that is considered a violtaion of core values when not followed
What is a taboo?
a behavior that even the thought of it generates a reaction of disgust in society
What is the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis?
it is our language that determines our consciousness and our perception of objects and events
What is a value?
what culture defines as good or bad, beautiful or ugly, etc.
What are the values of the United States?
1. achievement and success
2. individualism
3. activity and work
4. efficiency and practicality
5. science and technology
6. progress
7. material comfort
8. humanitarianism
9. freedom
10. democracy
11. equality
12. racism/group superiority
13. education
14. religiosity
15. romantic love
What are the emerging values of the United States?
1. leisure
2. self-fulfillment
3. physical fitness
4. youthfulness
5. concern for enviroment
What is value contradiction?
values that in order to follow one, you must conflict with the other
ex.) race/equality, science/religion
What is the sociological significance of technology?
technology sets a framework for a group's nonmaterial culture
What are some effects of technology?
1. cultural lag
2. cultural diffusion
3. cultural leveling
What is culture shock?
the disorientation that people experience when they come in contact with a fundamentaly different culture and can no longer depend on their own
What is cultural lag?
when technology changes rapidly but non-material (values) change slowly
What is cultural diffusion?
aspects of different cultures are shared between/within societies
What is cultural leveling?
cultures start to lose their unique features and start to look the same
What is ethnocentrism?
viewing your own culture or group as superior (the standard) to others
What is cultural relativity?
keeping an open mind to all other culture; never viewing another culture as good or bad
What is a subculture?
a world within the large world of the dominant culture
ex.) physicians - how they speak
What is a counterculture?
a group whose values, beliefs, and related behaviors place its members at odds with the dominant culture
What is a sanction?
the reactions people get for following or breaking norms
What is ideal culture?
the values, norms, and goals that a group considers worth aspiring for
What is real culture?
the norms and values that people actually follow