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Dependent Variable
A factor that is changed by an independent variable
The use of control groups and experimental groups and dependent and independent variables to test causation
Independent Variable
A factor that causes a change in another variable, called the dependednt variable
Macro-level analysis
An examination of large-scale patterns of society
Micro-level analysis
An examination os small-scale patterns of society
Participant observation
Research in which the researcher participates in a research setting while observing what is happening in that setting.
The individuals intended to represent the population to be studied
People who share a culture and a territory
The collection of data by having people answer a series of questions
A general statement about how some parts of the world fit together and how they work; an explanation of how two or more facts are related to one another
Conflict Theory
A theoretical framework in which society is viewed as being composed of groups competing for scarce resources.
Functional analysis
A theoretical frameowkr in which society is viewed as composed of various parts, each with a function that, when fulfilled, contributes to to society's equilibrium
Jane Adams
Founder of Hull House
1931- winner of Nobel Peace Prize
W.E.B. Du Bois
First African American to earn a doctorate at Harvard University
Concerned about social injustice, wrote about race relations, and was one of the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Taught sociology at Atlanta University most of his career