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This does not help generate cultural change
The __________ Views culture as a relatively stable system built on core values
Structural Functional Paradigm
Methodological approach that uses research as a means of social change
Critical Sociology
Reasoning that transforms specific observations into general theory
Inductive Logical thought
Two ways in which theory and research are linked.
Deductive logical thought and inductive logical thought
The logic of science is most clearly expressed in the __________ which is performed under controlled conditions and tries to specif causal relationships between two or more variables.
Study of the larger world and our societys place in it
Global Perspective
The ____________ helps us live in a diverse world
Sociologican Perspective
Sociology is the systematic study of
Human society
Studied that a lack of social integration in society leads to a high suicide rate
Emile Durkheim
This is an example of a womans subordinate position in the US
Sexual Harrassment
___Means actually measuring exactly what one intends to measure
Is the extent to which a repeated measurement yields the same result time after time
Using the _______________ means seeing the strange in the familiar
Sociological Perspective
Argued that manifest functions are the recognized and intended consequences of any social pattern
Robert Merton
This sociologist does not view only speaking English in public as a key value to US culture
Robin Williams
Cultural values and beliefs do all but
link us to the past
This researcher conducted an experiment to test the hypothesis that once inside a prison, even emotionally healthy people are prone to violence
Phillip Zimbardo
An experiment at the Western Electric Company concluded that
Decreasing the available lighting raises worker performance
Way of understanding based on science
Statement of why and how specific facts are related
Which approach focuses on how society is experienced and how individual behavior may change from one situation to another
Symbolic INteraction Approach
A point of view that focuses on inequality and conflict between men and women.
Gender conflict Approach
Founded Hull House
Jane Addams
Sociology is the systematic study of
human society
According to Durkheim a lack of social integration in society causes
A high suicide rate
Although every individual is unique
SOciety shapes the lives of its members
One of sociologys pioneers
Emile Durkheim
Two situations that help people see clearly how society shapes individual lives:
1. Living in the margins of society
2. Living through a social crisis