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What is Sociology?
Sociology engages in the systematic study of human socitety and social interaction.
What is a problem??
A problem is a social condition that has negative consequences for individuals, our social world, or physical world
What helps us define right from wrong??
Culture helps us determine what is right and what is wrong
What do Sociological exams of socio problems focus on??
the focus on society and are socially constructed by culture.
What are the 4 element
-cause physical or mental damage
-offend values& standards of some
-persist for an extended period of time
-generate competing proposed solutions because of varrying evaluations
Why is opinion of marginalized important in the analysis of social probs??
The majority's opinion maybe inaccurate
-ppl are often blind to systematic injustices that benifit them
What is Person Blame??
assumption that social problems result from pathologies of individuals
What are some consequences of person blame???
-frees the institutions of society from blame and effort to change them
What is system blame?
assumption that social problems result ffrom social conditions
Reasons for system blame.
need to balance perspective of avg. citizen,cop, and legislator who typically uses this approach