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Arranged Marraige
marraige which partners are selected by couple's parents
Bilateral descent
The norm that recognizes both parents families as the childs close relatives...children feel close to mom and dad, both girls and boys may inherit property from mom and dads side
Partriarchal Family
dominant figure is oldest male..dominates everyone else, most prevalent
Egalitarian Family
Family in which authority is equally distributed between husband and wife-rare
Matriarchal family
dominant figure is oldest female
"marrying within" marrying someone from ones own group-do not encourage between close relatives
"marrying outward" marrying someone from outsides ones group- such as clan, tribe, village
Extended Family
family that consists of 2 parents, unmarried children, and other relatives-consenguine family
Family of Orientation
family in which one grows up in consister of themself, parents and siblings
nuclear family
conjugal family-2 parents and unmarried children
Family of procreation
family that one extablishes through marragige, cosisting of them, their spouce, and their children
marrying someone who has social characteristics similiar to yours-social class, goals....
Matrilineal desence
norm that recognized only the mom's family as the childerns close relatives-still boys are usually ones to inherit property
matrilocal residence
home where the married couple lives with the wife's family
marraige of only one man to only one women
neolocal residence
where the married couple lives by themselves, away from both the husband and the wifes family
patrilineal descent
norm that recognizes only the fathers family as the child's close relatives-dads name-common-mean inherit property
patrilocal residence
when married couple lives with husbands family
one women to 2 or more men-rare
muslim, and other small, preindustrial societies-marraige of one person to 2 or more people of the opposite sex
marraige of one man to 2 or more women...more common
serial monogomy
marraige of one person to 2 or more people, but only one at the same time (divorice, remarry)