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Simmel: Dyads and Triads
Dyads: less stable
-a couple is more likely to divorce if there is no kid

**Society effects you, like Cooley

Triads: allow for multiple possibilities
Simmel: Stranger
Man who comes today and stays tomorrow.
Part of the society, but can leave at any time without deviating

-Not universal, seems to occur more in modern societies
*more complex and varied a society-the more important strangers are because privileged by their contact with the other world.
-Dangerous because can be used as scapegoats.
Paradoxical of a Stranger:
Stranger is defined by being in a certainr elation of distance/remoteness to the community; but that is also an element that unites society because performing function by his strangeness

Guy on an airplane, you tell them things you wouldn't tell acquaintances because they are close to you, but you tell a stranger because they are remote
Simmel: Qualities of a Stranger
1. Mobility
2. Objectivity
3. Mediation/Neutrality
4. Confidant
Simmel: Erotic Relations
Realization that you are not unique or individual.

-All relationships contain a necessary degree or estrangement. Human relationships are characterized by strangeness; so, dangerous to invest too much of oneself in a relationship-especially when individuality/uniqueness has become an elevated principle of modern life.
Simmel: individuality
Key term is differentiation-as social circle expands increasing division of labor and specialization and there fore differentiation.
-People do different things; works because everyone pitches in together.
-high degree of differentiation makes society interdependent.

-Individual increases in his or her sense of difference as the group expands, the group itself becomes more and more like other groups.

*more individuality in modernity
Mead: Play
Taking the role of others, mimicking.
-no organized structure
Mead: Game
Self conscious of role play.
-More structure, roles have different rules, realizing there is structure to things.
-there is a self conscious in what you're doing.
Mead: Generalized other
"stealing a sisters toy is bad, stealing is bad"

-Taking on the attitude of the eclectic community.
Mead: I and Me
I: spontaneous

Me: socialized
Id: immoral, natural, aggressive self
Ego: balancing the id and superego: moral, good, socialized self, source of feeling guilt