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a ppssible explanation for what has been observed.
control group
provides a means of comparison for checking the results of an experiment.
The social science that studies the origin, development, beliefs and customs of human species.

Behaviour Science
The social science that studies the behaviour and personality of the individual.

Behaviour Science
The social science that studies social behaviour and how people interact with each other.

Behaviour Science
The act of studying by watching or seeing.
A method of research that studies a group or a sample of a group by means of interviews or questionnaires.
case study
a detailed record of facts about a person or group.
What are the 7 steps of the scientific method?
1. Develop question.
2. Collect facts related to question.
3. Propose theory or hypothesis.
4. Test hypothesis with experiment.
5. State results of experiment.
6. Test to see if same conditions always produce same results. If not, make new hypothesis.
7. If same results occur every time, use conclusion as your theory. Keep re-testing theory and challenge it with other theories.
What are the 3 most important characteristics of the scientific method?
objectivity, reliability, validity
What is social science?
An area of study that uses the scientific method to try and understand human behaviour.