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what is theoretical perspective?
A set of interrelated theories that offer explanations for important aspects of social behavior.
how is data from a survey presented?
in a form of statistical tables. it's important to know what the units of analysis are and what kinds of data are being presented
define idea.
ideas are the ways of thinking that organize human consciousness. among the most important ideas are Values. socially shared ideas about what is right.
once data have been presented and analyzed what are they used for?
they can be used to generate new hypotheses.
In social sciences, what does culture refer to?
all modes of though, behavior & production that are handed down from one gereation to the next by means of communicative interation.
what does Frequency distibutions reveal?
the actual size of each category of a varibale. but to compare the numbers for different years it's necessay to use percent analysis
what are the 3 demensions culture can be viewed as ?
material culture
analyzing data often leads to what?
The discovery of correlations or specific relationships between 2 varibales. correlation should not be confused w/causation.
what form does observation take?
Participant observation.
unobtrusive measures
what does a hypothisis do?
states a relationship between 2 variables that can be tested through empircal observation.
what do professional researchers review before collecting new data?
existing research and other data sources. This review of literature sometimes supplies all the data neccessary for a particular study.
what does visual sociology involves?
the use of photography and videotape to observe peopl in a variety of setting.
In scientific research, what basic steps must be completed?
Deciding on the problem
Reviewing the literature
Formulation research questions
Selecting a method
Analyzing the data
How are the varibales explained in a hypothesis?
the dependent variable. the other varable a factor that the reseracher believes causes changes in the dependant variable, is the independent. variable
what's the 1st step in designing sociological research?
formulating the question
asking questions about a social situation that can be answered through systematic collection & analysis of data
what is participant observation?
the resercher participates to some degree in the life of the people being observed.
what is unobtrusive observation or observation techniques?
a technique that measure behavior but intrude as little as possible into actual social setting.
what two basic forms does sociology experiment take?
controlled experiment
field experiment
what is the most frequently used research method in sociology?