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routinization of charisma
the transfer authority from a charismatic figure to either a traditional or a rational-legal form of authority
models of power
functionalist perspective, conflict perspective, ruling class
functionalist perspective
pluralism the diffusion of power among many interest groups that prevents any single group from gaining control of that group(check and balances)
the conflict perspective
power elite- C. Wright Mills term for the top people inthe U.S. corporations, military, and politics who make the nation's major decisions; consists of the top people
ruling class
donhoff's terminology refers to the power the Power eltie control top corporations
voting paterns and voting aleination
social integration, voter alienation & apathy, ender and racial ethnic gap in voting
social integration
the degree to which people feel apart of social groups
voter aleination & apathy
isolated from politics; indifference and inaction on the part of the individuals or groups with respect to the political process "what difference will my vote make"
gender and racial ethnic gap in voting
"politcal gap" women and African americans tend to vote democratic while men tend to vote republican
war and dehumanization
war exacts many cost in addition to killing people and destroying property, one is its effects on morality, exposure to brutality and killing causes dehumanization
proces of reducing people to objects that do not deserved to be treated as humans
family of orientation
the family in which a person grows up
family of procreation
the family that is formed when a couple's first child is born
trends in the family
indicators of change in marriage life and family in the US
1.postponing marriage and childbirth 2. cohabilitation-increased 3. unmarried mothers-increased 4. grandparents and parents- becoming more common for grandparents to raise children 5. the sandwich generation and elder care
the sandwich generation and elder care
people stuck btw two generations responsible for both their children and aging parents
personal reasons for divorce
dissimlarity, poor communication, lack of commitment, drastic change in priorites
reasons for increased rate in divorce
no fault divorce, divorce culture, geographic mobility
the sutdy of the size, composition, growth, and distribution of human populations
time it takes for a population to double
total fertility rate
number of children thought to have been born by an age group
population pyramid
a graphic representation of a population, didvided into age and sex
a central city surrounded by smaller cities and their suburbs
an urban area consisting of at least two metropolises and their many suburbs
a city of 10 million or more residents
late 1700 English economist, wrote ESSAY ON THE PRINCIPLE OF POPULATION
Mathus Theorem
an observation by Thomas Malthus that although the food supply increases arithmetically (1 to 2 to 3), population grows geometrically (2 to 4 to 8)
popular soverienty
the concept that political and legislative power resides with the citizens