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what is the term for a system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy?
social stratification
the term for a change in position within the soicial hierarchy?
social mobility
what is the caste system?
It is a social stratification based on a ascription, or birth.
A type of social system that can be based on ascription or birth?
A caste system
A stratification based on both birth and individual achievement?
A class system
What is the type of social stratification that is based on both individual achievments and birth?
A class system
what is the a social stratification based on personal merit called?
what is a meritocacy
It n is a social strtifcation based on personal merit achievments
what are the different types of social classes.
Upper class, Upper middle class, lower middle class, working class and lower class
what is the US poverty rate?
12.7%. 38 million people are living in poverty according to the us governments offical numbers
what kinds of people are in the upper class?
Investers hiers, CEO's, 2-3% of the population( 500 milion+) families and people who have old money(Mellon, Dupont, Vanderbelt. People who have new money Meaning they earned it: Perot, Walton, Bill Gates , Buffet, and mike Dell
what types of people are in the lower middle class?
Professionals: they have thier gradute school degrees, business owners; 15% they have Careers, $75,00+
what is the definition of permenent underclass?
It is were people are born into poverty and it is passed down through the generations.
what was the poverty standerd in 1960 for a family of 4 people?
for a family of 4 the poverty standerd was $3,000 pre tax.
what is the poverty standard for one person in 2006?
The poverty standard in 2006 is $10,000.
What is the poverty standard for a family of 4 in 2006 according to the U.S. Government?
The poverty standard for a family of 4 is $20,000
what percentage of white people are in poverty?
8% of whites live in poverty.
what percent of blacks live in poverty?
22% of Blacks live in Poverty.
which four states are ranked as the most poor states in the union?
Missisippie, New Mexico, LOUISIANA, and Texas are tied with having a populaiton that has 17% poverty level.
what Percentage of Americans live in Poverty?
12.7% or 38 million people in the us live in poverty.
what is the defintion of social stratisfaction?
A system by which society ranks categories of people in a hierarcy, that involves 4 basic principals:
1. Social stratification is a trait of society, not simply a reflection of individual differences.
2. Sociel stratification carries over from generation to generation.
3.Social stratification is universal but variable.
4. Social stratification involves not just inequality but beliefs.
what is a term that means that social stratification is based on personal merit?
Meritocracy, is the term that refers to social stratification based on personal merit.
what is status consitency?
A term that means a degree of consistincey in a persons social standing across various dimensions of social inequality.
What is social mobility?
A shift in the social position of large numbers of people due to more to changes in society than to individual efforts.
What country has the largest economic inequality gap between it's citizens?
Answer South Africa with a ration of 33:1
what is the sociological definition of ideology?
A cultures own belief that jusitify particular social arrangements, including patterns of inequality.
What is the main idea of the Davis Moore thesis?
States that social stratification has beneficial consequenses for the operation of a society.