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a testable statement of relationships among variables is called
the intensive study of a single group, incident, or community is a
case study
the research method in which people respond to questions
randomly selecting students for a survey is an example of a/an
which of the following is not a step for doing research
field study
a case study where the researcher becomes a member of the group being studied is
participant observation
the sociologist that developed the most comprehensive research on suicide and the use of social facts was
emile durkheim
protecting the rights, privacy, integrity, and dignity of research subjects is a part of
the code of ethics
which of the following is not a research method
a group that has its own unique values, norms, and behaviors that exist within a larger culture is a/an
examples include clothers, buildings, and automobiles
material culture
a written rule of conduct enacted and enforced by the government is a/an
norms that have great moral significance attached to them are
the physical objects of material culture are called
the amish, native americans, and soldiers living on a military base are all examples of
a cluster of interrelated culture traits is a
culture complex
a group of mutuallly interdependent people who have organized in such a way as to share a common culture and feeling of unity is a
neo-nazis, skinheads, devil worshippers, and the hare krishna all are examples of
values are to beliefs as norms are to
cultural relativism refers to
the belief that cultures should be judged by their own standards
norms, values, symbols, language, and physical objects make up
rewards or punishments used to enforce conformity to norms are
a violation of a rule of behavior that calls for a strong punishment is called
the belief that one's culture is superior to all others is called
the smallest unit of culture is
culture trait
norms that do not have great moral significance attached to them is called
shared beliefs about what is good or bad, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable, are called
comon features of all societies are called
cultural universals
which of the following would not be true about positive sanctions
it involves the threat of punishment
a thing that stands for or represents something else is a
if something is important to a society it will have many words. this is an example of what theory
-linguistic relativity
the capacity to learn a particular skill or acquire a particular body of knowledge is
the sum total of behaviors, attitudes, and values characterizing a person is
unchanging biologically inherited behavior patterns is
the person who likened newborn infants to clean slates upon which anything can be written is
john locke
the first improtant agent of socialization is
an interactive process by which we develop an image of ourselves based upon how we imagine we appear to others
looking glass self
the debate concerning the importance of heredity versus the environment in the development of personality is called the
nature nurture debate
a person who has a direct influence on our socialization is
a significant other
the case studies of the isolated children show tht normal social developoment in children depends on
human interaction
breaking with past experiences and learning new values and norms is called
used to evaluate ourselves and from which we acquire attitudes, beliefs, norms and values
reference group
composed of people roughly the same age and social characteristics
peer group
the concepts of the I and Me were developed by
george mead
prisons, mental hospitals, and militay boot camp are examples of
total institutions
the influence on an individual's personality is determined by the presence and number of brothers and sisters is known as
birth order
which of the following is usually the child's first secondary group
children like to play dress up and play at being parents, astronauts, firefighters, teachers, and so on. This behavior is called
anticipatory socialization
our self concept
allows us to have an image of ourselves that is separate from those around us
an example of an ascribed status is
your citizenship
your best friend wants to copy your home work but you know your teacher would not approve. This is an example of
a role conflict
which of the following is least like a bureaucracy
emotional interaction among role players
which of the following is not a characteristic of a group
three or more people
the relationship between doctor and patient can best be described as
reciprocal role
the local red cross chapter could best be described as a
secondary group
which of the following is an example of an achieved staus
high school graduate
the smallest type of a group is
a coach trying to motivate a losing team is an example of
role strain
an aggregate consists of people who
share certain traits in common and play dissimilar roles
expected behavior of someone occupying a particular staus is called
the status that plays the greatest role in shaping a person's life is a
master status
a secondary group is to coworkers as a primary group is to
family members
a large complex secondary group that has been estblished to achieve specific goals is a
formal organization
a way to resolve role confilct would be to
the network of interrelated statuses and roles that guides human behavior is called
social structure
the situation that results in a person being labeled as deviant and accepting that label as true is
secondary deviance
situation that occurs when the norms of society are unclear or are no longer applicable is called
all of the following are positive functions of deviance excpet
rehabilitating deviants
accepting both the cultural goals and the means of achieving these goals is
noncomformity that goes undetected by those in authority is called
primary deviance
behavior that violates significant social norms is called
who determines which acts are considered deviant
the theory that individuals learn deviance in proportion to the number of deviant acts they are exposed to is
differential association
which of the following stated he believed anomie and deviance is related to material possessions and competition being the norm in our society
members of a deviant subculture
may not be deviant within their subculture
which group would not be considered deviant in this country
members of a racial minority
which of the following is defined as a prediction that results in behavior that makes the prediction come true
self fulfilling prophecy
which of the following people would not be considered latino
a native american
slavery is an example of
the policy that allows each group in society to keep his own unique cultural identity is called
extermination aimed at intentionally eliminating an entire targeted population is
blending of culturally distinct groups into a single group with common culture and identity is
the denial of equal treatment to people based on their group membership is
the belief that ones own race is superior to other races is
members share certain biologically inherited physical characteristics and are seen by society as part of a separate group
socially identified by unique characteristics related to culture or nationality
a trait that is socially created and thus may vary from one society to another
gender socialization begins
at birth
this term refers to an individual's biological identity as either male or female
which of the following is not an example of a pink collar job
a set of beliefs, attitudes, and norms used to justify the unequal treatment of an individual because of their sex
the eating disorder that involves bingieing and purging is called
bulimia nervosa
who entitled his research on value programming what you are now, is where you were when?
dr massey
an undesirable trait or label that is used to characterize an individual is a
when the power in an organization becomes increasingly in the hands of the few, this is called
iron law of oligarchy
the norm for choosing pink for girls and blue for boys is an example of
immigrants conforming to the accepted standards of the white majority is called
an example of someone who is white ethnic would be
irish american
the denial of equal access based on the law is called
de jure segregation
the eating disorder where you deprive yourself of food and often exercise excessively
anorexia nervosa