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going along w/ peers who have no special right 2 direct our behavior
compliance w/ high authority in a hierarchial structure
social control
techniques for preventing deviant behavior
behavior that violates the standard of conduct or expectationss of cultural norms
criminal justice system?
formal response of police, courts prison officials to alleged violations of the law
labels society, use to devalue members of a social group
mertons strain theory
1.conformity-pursuing conventional goals through normal means
2.innovation-unconventional means 2 achieve approved goals
3.ritualism-accept institutional means;reject goals
4.rebellion-new goals and means to achieve goals
*gap b/t what ought to b and what is
primary deviance
episodes from norm violation that most ppl take part in w/ little harm done to self conflict
secondary deviance?
ppl "make something" of others deviant behavior
victemless crimes?
willing exchange among adults of widely desired but illegal goods