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William Bradford & Capt Miles Standish led and defended the
Plymouth colony
England's Great Migration occurred
when economic and political forces became unbearable for dissenters
The Virginia colony began to thrive economically after
John Rolfe introduced West Indian tobacco in 1612
What became known as the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by
Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians in Massachusetts
Only white male church members can vote in
Massachusettes Bay
In 1664, Sir George Carteret and John Lord Berkeley became proprietors of
New Netherland and New Amsterdam
After the Dutch lost control of New Netherland in 1664, England's DUke of York
renamed the colony New York
Catholics were persecuted in England because of their
connections with foreign poweres and their opposition to England's separation from the Roman Catholic Church
Puritans thought that the most reliable religious authority was
the Bible
In 1634 the second Lord Baltimore establised a new colony in American for
Which colony share a large part of its border with Lake Ontario and New France, where the fur trade was very important
New York
The majority of early settlements in Virginia were along which river
James River
Crops grown mainly to be sold for profit
cash crops
Many laws in Massachusetts enforced the Puritan's efforts to
combine church and state
One of the leading figures in the Scientific Revolution was
Parliament has a bicameral legislature which is
a law-making body made up of two houses
Much of the scientific method used today was developed by
Sir Isaac Newton
two leading industries in New England
fishing and ship building
THe Great Awakening encouraged colonial communication between colonies when
ministers from different colonies began communicating with one another
The discovery that lightning is a form of electricity came when
Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a thunderstorm
the diverse northern economy demanded the labor of many
skilled craftsmen who had trained as apprentices
the Navigation Acts required colonist to do most of their trading with
which country did not typically import slaves
Great Britain
wanted to reform or purify the Church of England
people who have left the country of their birth to live in another country
owners of a colony
sacred agreement
religious group
wanted to separate from the Church of ENgland entirely rather than reform it
fifty acres of land given to thos who paid their way to Virginia
governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Winthrop
people who disagree with official religious or political opinions
made restriciting the religious rights of Christians a crime
Toleration Act of 1649
published criticism of the royal governor of New York
John Peter Zenger
crops that are continuously in demand
staple crops
set policy for 13 colonies
Privy Council
one of the most popular ministers of the Great Awakening
George Whitefield
creating and maintening wealth by carefully controlling trade
false statement that damages a person's reputation
import taxes