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liberated women of the 1920's were called
The nickname communistes were called
People woh made adn sold alcohol illegally were known as
Illegal bars and clubs were known as
People who believe that there should be no government
Purchase now and pay over a period of time is known as
installment buying
when an immigrant is expelled from the united States he or she is
teh belief that those born in a country are superior to immigrants is known as
another work for homemade alcohol is
this organization wanted to restore white protestant america
ku klux klan
which ammendment established prohibition
18th ammendment
the prosecutor for the scopes trial was
william jennings bryan
what case suggested the depths of aniforeign and antiradical feelings in the USA in the 1920
sacco and vanzetti
where was the automobile manufacturing center of the world located
Detroit, Michigan
which amendment guaranteed women in all states the right to vote
19th amendment
What industries did the car boom help boost
Steel, road construction, and tourism
this amendment repealed the 18th amendment because of its negative consequences
21st amendment
What resulted from the northern migration of african americans
race riots, discrimination, and violence
what was a result of the harlem renaissance?
an increased awareness of the literary and artistic achievements of african americans
what form of music became popular in the uSA in the 1920's
restrictions on immigration and the sacco and vanzetti trial reflected an american increase of
natizsm and intolerance
how did henry ford make cars affordable for the average american
by using interchangeable parts and assembly line techniques
the following 3 terms are associated with prohibition
speakeasies, moonshine, and organized crime
why did many african american migrate north during WWI
ther was an increase in job opportunities in northenr cities
what groups o people did the ku klux klan target
catholics, jews, immigrants, and african americans
name 3 famous musicians of the harlem renaissance
lousi armstrong, duke ellington, bessie smith