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The valley of the Kings is located....
lies deep in the western desert cliffs near thebes.
The Great pyramids of egypt and the sphinx are located.....
on the west side of the nile
The egyptians did not grow......
they grew...barley,flax,wheat,vegetables(corn),figs,melons,pomegranets,vines
What was a Shaduf usedfor?
The Nile river was considered a gift to the egyptians because..........
highway for transport and trade,
provide fish and larger game,
sustainded marshes which grew lotus plants papyrus reed and where water fowl could be caught for food,
providd water for drinking and washing
hazards of the nile include.....
crocodiles, hippos and cobras
What is bartering?
exchage of goods of equal value
Ancient egyptians did not have to wory about starvation because.....
annual floods provided rich rowing soil, provided food in the form of fish, climate provided growth of many crops
Fish and por were considered unclean wha did this mean?
not fit for offerings of the gods
Ancint egyptians planted their crops in the months of .....
november to february
during flood time the ancieint egpytians would be.....
building boats and repairing thier homes
What resource came from the surrounding deserts?
What is the order for farming?
flood the fields, prepare for sowing, sow scare away birds
products made from papyrus....
paper sandals boxes
Acnient egyptains did not raise(animals)........
they raised cattle sheep goats ducks geese
Once a site for a pyramid is located what was the next step?
A plan is drawn for the funery complex
the tomb of the pharaoh would be cut when....
once the site is leveled
the valley temple was.....
a loading and unloading dock during the constrution of the pyramid
products made from papyrus...
ropes paper boats boxes baskets mats sieves sandals
mastabas, what does it mean?
it is a tomb that the pharaoh is buried in
porticullises were,,,,
granite doors used to seal the entry
Ancient egyptians belived that their pharaoh was.....
horus, the son of the sun god re
Why did the Egyptians bury people on the western side of the nile?
because it is where the sun sets and leaves for other worlds
What did the pyramid promise?
that it would lead the pharaoh to the afterlife
how did the pyramids change overtime?
mastabas, step pyramid, bent pyramid, true pyramids,valley of the kings.
A suitible site for the pyramid included....
level ground close to the nile river
What kind of stone ws used in the construction of a pyramid??
limestone and granite for important details
The god thoth is ......
god of wisdom and science
the god ammit is .......
a little monster who devours the souls of anyone judged impure or evil
The god Hathor is....
goddes of love bearty dancing and music and protector of children and birth
The god of embalming was......
The lord of the desert and of chaos was...
During mummification the _____ was removed?
brain, eternal organs, clothes
The Feild of reeds was.....
a paradise place in the afterlife where the grain grew tall and the fruit was plentiful
The Ka was.....
the persons spiritual double or shadow
A sarcophagus was.....
a large stone with a place inside for the coffin
Opening of the mouth ceremony was....
performed so the person could eat speak and move in the afterlife
The land of egypt looked like....
A long narrow country located in the northeast corner of africa. ancient egypt also had the nile river flow through it.
The Black land of Egypt was.........
it was called the black land because of the soil. it was used for growing food. located along the nile
The red land of egypt was...
located around black land. large stony waste where it hardly ever rained nothin useful grew. used for hunting mining, pyramids to keep the dead people in and quarring of the stone.
what was located to the north of egypt'?
to the egpytians known as the great green. but it is the mediterranen sea.
The egpytians did not leve their county veyr often because...
it is a slow and difficult process.
what waas the faiyum?
is an oasis in the western desert tht is llinked to the nile. rich crowded place.
why was egypt considered a secure country?
because of the environment. deserts on three sides and they were protected by invaders that came by boat because of muddy marshes and there is rapid cataracts from the south.
The floods of ancint egpyt were considered good news because they....
because the little rain that they got was not enough to make crops grow and after a flood there would be a layer of fertile land.
The first 40 days of embalming was...
drying out the body
The word pharaoh means....
literally means great house , but egyptinas use it as another name for king
Why was the heart left in the body?
because it was belived as the centre of intelligence and emotions
The vizier was........
pharaohs right hand man, direted the business of the government, reported to the pharaoh daily
The middle class included the following people......
Craftsmen, Scribes and maybe Nomarchs
Most of the pharaohs wealth came from..
taxation provides much of the pharaohs wealth.