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United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
-certain basic things that everyone is entitled to
-rights are universal and indivisible (all rights apply to all people)
-The US has only ratified the section concerning political and individual rights
Three distinct sets of rights
-Civil and Political Rights
-Economic, Social and Cultural rights
-Collective (or Solidarity) rights
Civil and Political rights
"negatice freedoms", right to fair and public trial, freedom from arbitrary
Economic, Social and Cultural rights
"positive freedoms", right to work
Signed in 1977, but not yet ratified
Collective (or Solidarity) rights
right to development, peace, clean natural environment, one's own natural resources, one's own cultural heritage
Human rights treaties
-Convention on the Rights of a child, 2/16/93, not ratified, (juvenals got executed, not legal anymore)
-Convention against Torture, 11/20/94
Human Rights Violations
-tracked both by UN and NGO, non gov't organization
-NGOs include Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch
Limits on Rights
-In was on terrorism, rights of citizens have been limited both in the US and in other countries such as Thailand
-is it right to limit the rights of citizens in this situation? (debate)
War Crimes
-International Humanitarian Law aka "Geneva Conventions"
-all persons not taking part in combat be treated without discrimination or violence
-taking hostages is forbidden
-a neutral "protecting power" must have access to any person detained.
-neutral symbols include Red Cross, Moon, Star
Human Rights Concerns
-mandatory minimum sentencing
-differential treatment by race, class, sex, citizenship status etc
-human rights abuses are common in prison
Why aren't crime statistics accurate?
lots are underreported
-domestic abuse, rape, child or elder abuse
Juvenile Justice
-20-30% of those arrested are under 18
-status offenses-only a crime if someone under 18 does it (drinking, driving, buying cigarettes, curfew, runaways)
-Juvenile courts - focus on rehabilitation, started in Chicago, Hull House
-1967-Gaul vs Arizona gave rights of due process to juveniles
Drug Courts
-a new innovation in the criminal justice to help those who are using (not selling) illegal drugs
-a seperate court has been established and users are "sentanced" to treatment instead of prison
-if they do not complete their treatment, then they go to prison
-established because our prisons are overflowing with small-time drug users
-drug courts have proved to be both more cost-effective and effective in reducing recidivism
-barriers in access to treatment (availability and cost)
Mental illness and criminal justice system
-currently about 16% of ofenders have a mental illness
-prisons and jails are not designed to cope with the needs of the offenders
-impact of de-institutionalization of state and mental hospitals
Social Work Code of Ethics principle
to respect the inherent worth and dignity
Retributive vs restorative justice
-retributive justice-focuses on punishing the offender for their crime. One side wins, one side loses
-restorative justice- focuses on restoring
restorative justice
-victim-offender conferencing
-family group conferencing (see if someone can take child instead of foster care)
-circle sentencing (what can be done to fix what they did to community)
What do social workers do?
-victim services
-incarcerated persons
-probation and parole
-juvenile justice
-assist in re-integration
-youth services