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Social Work
professional activity of helping individuals, groups, and communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating societal conditions favorable to this goal
Social Worker
persons who are professionally trained in the skills and ethics of social work practice
Social Welfare Worker
may or maynot have training in social work. Work at departments of human services
Social Work
-holistic and encompasses knowledge from a wide range of disciplines
-commitment to social activism and commitiment to the most vulnerable members of the society
-dedicated to the maintenance of families and communities
What is fundamental to social work?
Principles of human rights and social justice
where do social workers work?
social workers are the largest providers of what in the country?
mental health services
where do social workers work specifically?
schools, shelters, welfare offices, corrections, hospitals, communites, legislative offices and international development agencies
Person-in-the-environment theory
-studies the person in thier environment and the interactions between the person and their environment
-micro(one on one), macro(with a big group), mezzo systems(with family)
Ecosystems Theory
culture has form and pattern, degree of order
ex - organism
Social workers primary goal is to help people in need and to address social problems
Social Justice
Social workers challenge, giving people equal oppurtunities to succeed
dignity and worth of person
social workers respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person
importance of human relationships
Social workers recognize the central importance of human relationships
Social workers behave in a trustworthy manner
Social workers practice within their area of competence and develop and enhance their professional expertise
what kind of degree is needed for social work?
BSW or MSW degree
International content
we can learn from each other, what impacts one country can impact another
ex - drugs
social welfare
programs, benefits and services that help people meet those social and other needs
social welfare policy
meet basic life needs
Welfare State
a nation or society that considers itself responsible for meeting the basic educational, health care, economic, and social security needs of its people
US is NOT a welfare state
-Social workers view individuals in constant interaction with other individuals and the environment
-is a major concept used in family counseling. The basic principle is that cause and effect and intertwined
-eg - labeling theory
ex - 4 gifted students
-views social phenomena in terms of structure and function
-MANIFEST FUNCTIONS- one obvious, stated reasons for an activity
-LATENT FUNCTIONS- are the secondary, sometimes unintended, and often hidden motives behind its existence
ex - cars
Regulating the Poor
the degree to which social control over the poor is exercised, reflects the values of he dominant groups in society
-current buzzword used to describe the growing internationalization of the production of goods and services and the flow of capitalism
-flow is not economic, but also cultural (CocaCola, TV shows, English language)
-social heredity, a way of thinking, feeling and believing that sets one group apart from another, culture is traditional knowledge that is passed down from one generation to the next
Culture Competence
-term for the knowledge and skills that one needs for effective work with clients from diverse cultural backwards
-understanding of the uniqueness of one's own cultural beliefs and an openness to other customs, norms and rituals
-it entails recognition of society's prejudice
Ethnocentrism *
the view of things in which one's own
Prejudice *
Blaming the victim
-when the down trodden/underdogs of society are held responsible for creating their own distress
-victim tends to internalize the blame attached to his/her condition and the negativity may become a self-fulfilling prophecy
Empathy *
opposite of blaming the victim
-encompasses both a state of mind, as in feeling empowered, and a capability to exert control over events
-aimed at assissting people who experience systematic forms of discrimination, harassment, and oppression
-help them help themselves
Social Work Theory *
-successful practice depends on solid theory. Without solid
Critical thinking *
-ability to put phenomena in perspective