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Mandated Reporters
1975, certain people, teachers, counselors, etc. must report suspected abuse within 24 hours.
Indicators of Abuse
Physical- bruising
Sexual- heightened sexual awareness
Emotional-withdrawal, rebellion, very emotional/lack of neglect
Infanticide-killing of infants, mental health issues, postpardum depression
Family Preservation
1993- Perservation laws changed the foster care system, family first.
Permanency Planning
home, kinship, adoption. law-make decisions. kinship care= extended family members
follow-up visits-keep tabs on system
agency vs. independent
closed- parties unknown to each other
open- know where child is, now almost all are open.
Swk. role- selection, birth mother counseling, legal issues, home study of adoptive parents, telling & search.
Foster Care
Charles Loring Brace-minister
Charles Birtwell-loving atmosphere.
swk role- home study, placement, follow-up
Permanency planning
Social Work Roles
7 of them:
one or both parents are not present in a child's life. ie. single parent families.
Parent is present but is prevented from fulfilling his/her roles due to a physical, mental or emotional incapacity, lack of knowledge or training.
Role Rejection
The parent either consciously or unconsciously rejects the parental role.
Intrarole Conflict
parents are in conflict regarding role definition, who is supposed to do what for and with the children.
Interrole Conflict
Parents unable to fulfill parental responsibilities due to the interference of other social roles ie. careers.
Incapacity of Child
needs of a physically or mentally disabled child are unable to be fulfilled.
Community Deficiency
Parents unable to adequately implement their roles b/c of a lack of community resources.
legal- any behavior that is against the law.
As a soc. welfare issue- society should punish the offender and 2. do something to rehabilitate the offender.
objective is to get people out of the criminal justice system as quickly as possible. Diverted into a treatment program.
Gault vs. Arizona
changed the laws so that children could not be punished for offenses that adults are not charged for. ie. running away etc.
Court Process
3 stages
formerly brought into the court process (screening).
Getting the facts
treatment vs. punishment
Parens Patriae
latin word, "place of parent", the state takes on the responsibility of parent
halfway house-released to communities but not to homes.
work programs
tether programs
probation-more youth oriented
parole- post-jail
Social Work Roles
victim assistance- p. 428-429
victim-offender mediation- VORPS, nonviolent offenses, generally property crimes such as burglury.
Police Work
medical coverage for ppl. on public assistance and also the elderly and poor, must be way below the poverty line to qualify.
Major medical coverage for all elderly people, 65 +
Models of health care
soc./env.- bio and economic status and influences on health
public- 1st model of health care, prevention and wellness