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are the enduring units make up of members within a community who have some corporate rights
situational proprieties
are culturally specific social norms, that organize social interactions, including social occasions.
symbolic interaction
a theoretical framework that envisions society as the product of the everyday interactions of individuals
stand for something, they are not things themselves
symbolic communication
humans communicate by manipulating symbols
symbolic behavior
social experience is the exchange of symbols
is within social processes; derives from the social process of people interacting; allows people to produce various realities that constitute the sensory world or “Real World”
feminist approaches
takes from a woman-centered perspective and provides a critical challenge to underlying assumptions about society
starting assumptions
there is no natural or fixed human essence, female is always in reference to male
The Task Leader—the one with the best ideas who urges the group to complete the task(males)
The Social-emotional leader—the one who keep the group from falling apart or rebelling against the task leader (females)
biologically based differences; sexuality
behaviorally based differences; culturally specific roles that are performed
gender socialization
humans have biological drives, but not instincts; the absence of instincts allow and require socialization
behavior encouragement and discouragement
directing children’s interests toward gender appropriate games and toys
verbal appellations
using language to label and identify gender in children
differentiated activities-girls encouraged to participate in indoor activities/boys encouraged for outdoor activities
power relations
power is the ability to exercise one’s will over another; women are oppressed by men (don’t have the same kind of power)
often operates at the level of “the gaze” or disapproving stare that results when rules are broken. (raised eyebrow, or squinty eyes)
it is produced only by virtue of multiple forms of constraint.
a body of organized and systematic statements
The Beauty Myth
beauty standards are used as political weapons to control women, reinforce the glass ceiling, exclude women from power; beauty is not universal or ahistorical; it is used to impose ways of behaving.