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Human Development Index and its 3 measures
United Nation Puclished
-Adult literay
-Life expectancy
-per capita GDP
gross domestic product
continents w/ highest catagory of human dev
NA Eu Australia
Lowest human dev
Africa Asia
the connection bt BR and Human Dev
the higher the BR the lower the HD
Types of country
Developed Country (First world)
Newly industrializing country(second world)
Developing country(third country)
HIPC(highly indebted poor country)
Transportation Communication Links, Electric power, schools, hospitals..
Saudi Arabia
example of a country that the wealth is not share among people but concentrated on the hands of few ppl
Stardards of living
quality of life
status of woman and children
Poverty (Canada)
Spending more than 56%of a family's income on neccessities of life.
the poverty trap
IMF(International money fund)
World bank
provide loans to developing countries on building magaprojects(dam).
structure adjustment program(SAP)
S program that requires an indebted ountry to restructure its economy by encouraging foreigh investment,increasing exports and terning government services over to the private sector in return for loans.
Multinational Companies (MNC)
GHANA 70% of cocoa very little profit