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How old do you have to be to be a senator, represetnative, or president?
representative: 25 years old
senator: 30 years old
president: 35 years old
How many people are in the House?
435 members
How long is the term for a senator, representative, and president?
representative: 2 years
senator: 6 years
president: 4 years
How many senators does each state get?
2 senators for each state
How many representatives does each state have?
it depends on the state's population
What do you call the House of Representatives and the Senate?
The Legislative branch has two parts . . .
the House and the Senate!
the vote by all the people is ...
the popular vote!
group of persons elected by voters to choose the president and vice president
electoral college
what can the president do if he disagrees with a bill from Congress?
He can veto it
What needs to happen for a bill to go to the president for him to sign it?
Both parts of Congress need a majority to agree on the vote
If the president vetos something, what would it take for Congress to OVERRIDE (go over) his decision?
They would need to agree by a two/thirds vote
How many judges are in the Supreme Court, and what are they called?
Nine judges. They are called Justices.
How long is a Justice on the Supreme Court?
For life
How many people are in the electoral college, and what do they decide?
538 people (our congressmen) decide who our president and vice president will be