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Describe Hitler's Germany
1) Authoritarian
2) charasmatic leader
3) denies basic liberties/rights
4) uses censorship
5) uses force to CONTROL opposition
-unnecessarily kills
Why did many Italins turn to fascism?
1) reaction to communist victory in Russia
2) angry war veterans
3) restore glory of Roman Empire
4) economic conditions after WWI
5) By 1921-35 member in Parliament= facist
Does Italy succeed as an authoritarian state?
Define authoritarianism
A political system that stresses obedience to authory but exercises less control over the lives of its citizens than a totalitarian state
What two themes did Hitler stress?
1) racism
2) nationalism
What were some things that Hitler promised?
1) restore German pride
2) promised to pull Germany out of
3) Broke German out of "unfair" Versaille
4) Promised to take back land lost in
Name the 4 steps of Hitler's rise to power
1) 1930-Rising unemployment
2) 1933-Nazi Party= largest number in
3) 1933- Hitler appointed chancellor of
4) 1934- Hitler becomes dictator and the
Reichstag is stripped of all power
Under Hitler's control, Germany______ the Versaille Treaty
In what way does Germany renounce the Versaille Treaty?
1) re-arms
2) 550,000 men army--> way over limit
set in Versaille treaty
What does it mean when I say that Britain and France practiced appeasement?
They gave in to avoid conflict. France and Britain scolded Germany but were unwilling to take action, feared another war
What was Mussolini's first move that showed he was on the road to war?
Built up the Italian army
What was the 1st country that Mussolini invaded? What was the League of Nations response?
Ethiopia. The League denounced the nation and refused to sell weapons to Italy
After what event in Germany were Jews made to wear yellow Stars of David?
What was the Axis Alliance?
military alliance between Italy and Germany--> Japan joins 3 years later
What was Hitler's reasoning for taking over all the countries he took over?
He said that since they spole German they should be part of Germany

What did Britain do in response to Hitler's "spree of land-taking"
They cut back their military. Didn't want to look like a threat
What happened 6 months after the Munich Conference that violated what was agreed upon at that conference?
Germany took the rest of Czech.
What is the importance of the date September 1, 1939
Germany launches lightening war on Poland and Britain and France declare war on Germany
What effect did The Great Depression have on Japan?
1) cause declone in Japanese trade
2) military argues for imperialism; more land=prosperity; the idea being to stimulate the economy
What happened at the London Naval Conference?
Britain and the US allow Japan to increase navy...5 year limit
In 1931, Japanese aggression began. How did the League of Nations react?
-violated the Versaille treaty
-violated Washington Conference
League demanded Japan stop, Japan refused and resigned from the league
Was the Japanese military legally elected to the diet?
What did the military do to silence their opposition?
1) threat
2) terror
3) assasination

How did the US react to Japanese aggression
the US began to reduce trade with Japan
What did the US do that made it seem as though they were not as neutral as they claimed to be?
THe US sold, then loaned weapons and other military equiptment to Allies
In June 1941 what did the US do with their Pacific fleet's California base
They moved it to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii for safety measures

Japan viewed this as offensive
What was the US's response when Japan continued to conquer countries What was Japan's response?
FDR froze Japanese assets in US and demanded that Japan remove its troops from the countries. Japan froze US assets in Japan
In a secret meeting between ________ and _______ a list of war goals were made. List the 3 war goals and fill in the blanks.
FDR and Churchill

1) not fighting for land
2)right of every nation to choose its
own form of government
3) freedom of trade
List 4 things US did wrong when it comes to Pearl Harbor
1) military at high state of alert
2) put planes grouped together
3) did not properly patrol area
4) did not pay careful attention
How many waves of attack where there supposed to be? What was the first on?
supposed to be 3 waves
1) battleship row
How many months later was it until the US was back in the war?
6 months
What is the importance of the Battle of the Coral Sea?
1st naval battle where ships never came on sight of one another
List 3 results of the Battle of the Coral Sea
1) Japanese lost 1 air-craft carrier
2) United States lost 1 air-craft
3) stopped Japanese form going into
What was the importance of the Battle of Midway?
Turning point of war in the Pacific because the Japanese could not replace all of the ships lost, so the fleet was never as strong