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Newspaper reporter, wrote How the Other Half Lives, describing urban life
Jacob Riis
William M. Tweed, one of the most corrupt city bosses( in New York City)
Boss Tweed
Political cartoonist who criticized Boss Tweed
Thomas Nast
President, 1877-1881; wanted to end spoils system by reforming civil service
Rutherford B. Hayes
President, 1881; wanted to reform civil service but was assassinated
James Garfeild
President, 1881-1885; triend to end spoils system
Chester A. Arthur
President, 1885-1889, 1893-1897; supported lower tariffs
Grover Cleveland
Helped found American Scoialist Party, 1898
Eugene V. Debs
One of the most effective muckrakers
Lincoln Steffens
Muckraker; revealed the unfair practices of the oil trust
Ida Tarbell
Wrote The Jungle, describing horrible conditions in Chicago's meatpacking plants
Upton Sinclair
Wisconsin's governor and senator; reformed state's electorial system by introducing primaries
Robert La Follette
National reform leader; educated the poor about health care
Lillian D. Wald
Sufferagist; established Hull House, a settlement house, in Chicago
Jane Adams
Italian nun who came to the United States to work with the poor
Mother Cabrini
Suffragist, civil rights worker, co-founded NAACW
Mary Church Terrell
Suffragist, co-founder of National Woman Suffrage Association
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Suffragist, co-founder of National Woman Suffrage Associan
Susan B. Anthony
Suffragist, minister, doctor; led National American Woman Suffrage Association
Anna Howard Shaw
Suffragist, educator, newspaper editor; led National American Woman Suffrage Association
Carrie Champman Catt
Quaker, militant suffragist; founded National Woman's Party; fought for economic and legal equailty for women as well as suffrage
Alice Paul
President, 1913-1921; progressive reformer; initially didn't support woman suffrage
Woodrow Wilson
Turned Woman's Christian Temperance Union into a powerful organization
Frances Willard
Temperance crusador
Carry Nation
Suffragist; first woman to serve Congress
Jeanette Rankin
President, 1897-1901; favored big business; Assassinated
William McKinley
President, 1901-1909; wanted to prove federal government athority over big business; nickname was trustbuster
Theodore Roosevelt
President, 1909-1913; not as popular as Roosevelt, but carried out his reform policies
William Howard Taft
Founded Tuskegee Institute, National Negro Business League, encourged African Americans to work slowly, patiently, and peacefully for quality
Booker T. Washington
Outspoken supporter of back-to-Africa movement
Marcus Garvey