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What is patriotism ?
Loving your country
What is terrorism ?
When people use violence to attack or frighten others
What is liberty?
Liberty means freedom
What is a democracy?
A type of government where people elect their leaders
Who is a dictator?
A person who takes control over a country and the people can not vote.
What does national mean?
Involving the whole country
What does international mean?
Involving two or more countries
What is a monument?
A man-made structure, building or statue that remebers an important event or person
What is Islam?
A religion whose followers worship Allah
What is a landform?
A natural feature of the earth's surface like a mountain, valley, hill, island, desert
What is the military?
A country's armed forces like the navy, army, air force
What does current mean?
Happening now or in the present
What is an event?
An important thing that is happening
What is a continent?
One of the seven large land masses that make up the earth
What is patriotism?
The love of your country