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government by the people, officals elected under a free voting system. equal rights for everyone
society and business controlled by the govenment. limits the rights of the people.
area that once connected Asia and North America some 25,000 years ago. Between Russia and Alaska.
Bering Strait
Cold winds from Sibera that blow across the Gobi Desert in China. Winter temp reaches -30 degrees F.
Siberian Icebox
level of the oceans surface. used for measuring elevation.
sea level
a 1,200 mile canal in China that carries goods from Bejing to Hangchow, a water highway.
grand canal
a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group.
a group of nations or peoples ruled over by an emperor, empress, or other powerful government.
a male supreme ruler of an empire.
a female ruler of an empire. often the highest ranking wife of the emperor
old name for Beijing
a walled section of peking, built in the 15th century, containing the imperial palace and other buildings of the imperial government of China.
forbidden city
capital of The People's Republic of China. This is the political, cultural, and educational center of the country.
Communist Leader that took over China in 1949 creating the people's republic of china
Mao Zedong
other name for China since the 1949 communist takeover
People's Republic of China
1950's communist idea of increasing production of goods to help the Chinese economy. It failed due to lack of planning and using skilled labor. Many died as a result.
Great Leap Forward
1966 radical policy to have a new society with no ties to the past. failed after 3 years and resulted with over 100,000 deaths.
cultural revolution
students formed this group to help spread the cultural revolution by destroying ancient chinese buildings. they eventually got out of control and they were sent to prison!
red guard
economic system that allows people to choose their own jobs, start private businesses, and make a profit.
free enterprise