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Who is Lord Cornwallis?
A British General who set up base in Yorktown, in which George Washington and a large French fleet arrived and trapped him and his troops in, and Cornwallis had no choice but to surrender.
British General...
Who is Marquis de Lafayette?
19 Year old French nobleman who volunteered to serve in Washington's army. He was given the command of an army division, and fought in many battles. He also persuaded the French King to send a 6,000 man army to America.
French nobleman...
Who is George Washington?
Commander of the Continental Army, most famous American officer.
Who is John Paul Jones?
Naval officer of the Revolution, won battle against two British warships.
Who is James Forten?
Son of a free African American. He signed up with the Royal Louis and was caught by the British and they offered him a free trip to England but he refused staying he would never betray his country.
Who is Patrick Henry?
A member of Virgina's House of Burgesses, he called for resistence against British taxing.
Who is Benjamin Franklin?
Famous American Enlightenment figure. He proved and invented many things and helped draft the Declaration of Independence.
Who is Crispus Attucks?
Son of African American and Native American who was the first to be shot in the Boston Massacre.
Who is Samuel Adams?
Leader of the Boston Sons of Liberty who urged colonists to continue to resist British controls.
Who is John Adams?
Lawyer and cousin of Samuel Adams, who defended the British in court over the Boston Massacre.
Who is Thomas Jefferson?
Composer of the Declaration of Independence.
Who is Benedict Arnold?
An officer who played a main part in the victory of the Battles of Saratoga, but didn't think he was rewarded enough for his actions, so he betrayed his army and turned over an American fort to the British.
Who is Thomas Paine?
Author of Common Sense, a pamphlet that descrided why a complete break with Britain was neccessary.
Common Sense
Who is Paul Revere?
A Boston silversmith who rode from Charlestown to Lexington spreading the news that British troops were coming.
"The British are coming!"