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Name 3 American Symbols
1. U.S. Flag
2. The Liberty Bell
3. The Great Seal of the United States.
Name 3 things that American Share
1. American share their deep belief in freedom.
2. Americans share their government.
3. Americans share a way of life.
Name 3 Responsibilities that Americans have.
1. Obeying traffic laws.

2. Voting in elections.

3. Going to school.
Name the 3 branches of Government.
1. The Executive Branch.
a)The President
2. The Judicial Branch.
a)The Supreme court.
3. The Legislative Branch.
a) The Congress
Name the 2 groups of people that make up the Congress.
1. The House of Representatives

2. The Senate.
Name the 4 freedoms that Americans have.
1. Freedom of Religion.
2. Freedom of Speech.
3. Freedom of Assembly.
4. Freedom to move around.
Bonus: Learn our two Senators and who your House of Representative in your area is
1. Senator Hutchinson
2. Senator Cornyn
House member is Sam Johnson