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The Swedish Inventor of dynamite he used his fortune to set up prizes
Alfred Noble
The first universal peace conference in 1899 in this dutch city helped pave the way for the world court
The hague
These 2 provinces of France were taken by Germany in the 1870s Franco Prussian war.
Alsace and lorraine
people in the balkans were generally a part of this ethnic group which had strong ties to Russia
This is the province of military glorification by a country to show it's strength
The tripal alliance was composed of what 3 nations?
Austria Hungary, Italy, Russia
Why did nations seek to form alliances with other nations?
To Protect against attack.
This city the capital of Bonia was the site of an important assasination on June 28, 1914.
He was the heir to the Austro Hungarian thron who was killed in Sarajevo on June 28 1914.
Francis Ferdinand
He was the 19 year old Serbian who killed the Arch Duke and his wife.
Gavrillo Princip
Princip was a member of this secret organization which sought to protect serbian interests in Basnia.
Black Hand
This is the practice of preparing one's troops for war and putting them in a position to make an attack.
Long associated with the swiss this is a policy of not supporting neither side of combat during a time of war
This was the name for Germanys strategy to avoid a 2 front war with Russia and France.
Schlieffen Plan
The allies at the START of world war I were composed of what 3 nations.
Britian, Russia, and France
A system of these on the Western front ran from Switzerland to the English Channel
THis is the name for a conflict in which neither side can make sifnificant or advantage in war (chess)
This was the area between opposing trenches named for it's passers.
No Mans Land
At this battle in the east, Russia suffered a massive defeat at the lands of the Germans.
This battle on the Austro- Italian border was a massive defeat for the italians.
This was a massive loss of troops at this battle, designated to take control of the people in Turkey.
This weapons' inovation allowed soldiers to fire a rapid continous stream of bullets.
The Machine Gun
Named for the German phrase for " Under the Sea" it was the 1st major type of submarine.
U- Boat
This is the practice of channeling all of a nations resources into the cause of war.
Total War
Also known as "consereption" this is the practice of selecting nem randomly to serve a term in the army.
Used to stir up both patriotism and hate this is the spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an opposing side.
This is the loathsone practice of commiting horrible acts against innocent women and children during a war.
altrocities `
In 1912, Russia pulled out of the war in part because this happened
Break down in monarchy
Long neutral in World War I this country joined the allies in 1917
United States
The U.S was promoted into the war in part because of this communication between German foreign ministers and mexico.
Zimmimerman note
Wilson sold congress on going to war by using this phrase in a speech on April 4, 1912.
A war to end all wars.
Nicknamed "Black Jack" he served as the commander of all U.S forces in France during World War I.
Wilson crafted this peace profile to design on an end to WWI
14 Pts.
This agreement to end fighting between Germany and allies came on November 11 1918 at 11 a.m.
This massive French Palace hosted allied peace conference in 1919.
These 4 men composed the allied "Big U" at the versailles Peace congerence.
Wodraw wilson, David LLoyd, Etc.
These payments for war damages would cripple Germany financially in the 1920s and 1930s.
THese were former colonial territories that wer to be administrated by the western powers in WW I