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What was the religous mission for justifying expansion?
spreading Christianity to pagans abroad.
What was the political mission for justifying expansion?
spreading democracy to the oppressed.
What was the ecenomic mission for justifying expansion?
1. Spreading industrilization
2. Prosperity
3. Spreading modern tech. to the poor.
What is White Man's Burden?
Idea: Whites were superior racially and technologically to the poor and backwards.

-Spreading Capitolism
Who was Charles Darwin?
a botnist and zoologist. He studied evolution of species.
What is Social Darwinism?
The idea of survival of the fittest.
What was the voyage of the Beagle?
Darwin took a voyage to the Galpagos Island to study evolution of species.
What were the 3 critques of social Darwinism?
1) "Fitness" is often created by a society rather than reflected by it.

2) Are we brothers/are we brothers' keepers.

3) False analogy
What was the real cause of Expansion Abroad?
America was producing more food and manafacturing more goods than we needed so, we needed to sell them.
What were the good reasons for Seward buying Alaska?
1) oil reserves
2) gold
3) strategic location
4) great beauty
What were Mahn's boat changes?
He switched Yankee Clipper boats to metal plated ones with a steamed power engine.
What were China's Luxury goods?
porcelain(china plates)
What were the China trade ideas?
1840's 1) The Brits forced China to trade with them by using armies.

1890's 2)Spheres of Influence opened China to the world with trading zones.

1898 3)Open door policy- We "persuades", with force, Europeans to open China to the world.
What were the Midway Islands useful for?
Midway islands useful for:

1)Strategic defense regarding Asia.

2)Stocking trade ships.
What does protectorate and abdicate mean?
a country or region protected or partly controlled by a more powerful country.

to formally give up power or high office.