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After the Mexican American war ended, What did the Mexican's agree on doing?
They agreed on making it part of the United States.
As result of the Bear Flag revolt what did the Bear flaggers declare?
They declared that California was an independent nation.`
What did the Americans believe what the Manifest Destiny was?
They believed it meant that the United States could strech from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
The Bidwell-Bartleson was an expedition resulting from the fact of what?
They thought it was a fact that the Mexicans invited members to settle in California.
Which pass was an opening between mountains in the in which became the main route for settlers traveling to California.
The Walker Pass
When a supply of the product is less that the demand for it the
prices go down.
What did Bernarda Ruiz do to affect the treaty of Cahuenga?
He told John.C.Fremont not to punish the Californo's.
What was NOT the cause of the Bear Flag Revolt?
MAny Americans living in California.
How did John.c.Fremont help the pioneers?
He helped them by drawing maps and writing books.
Why did many Americans come to Sutter's fort in the 1840's?
THey came because it was at the end of the trails crossing the Sierra Nevada.
Who was The first American to travel overland from the United States was
Jedediah Strong Smith.
Why did fur trappers from the United States explore the west?
They did because there was more places to trap beavers and other animals.
What is a form of goverment in which the people elect their own leaders, and rights such as freedoms, such as voting that belong to the people is a
John .C. Fremont became a
leader of the Bear flag Revolt
Some people thought that the Mexican American war was
the worst thing that happened in Mexican history.
A need or a desire for a good or service by people willing to pay for it is
A Demand
What is an amount of a good or service that is offered for sale.
Is a supply
A leader of a colony or a state is a
A person who makes trails for others to follow is a
An opening between high mountains.
Is a pass.
A person who comes from another place to live in a country.
An imigrant
A land beyond the setled part of a country
One of the first settlers in a place.
A pioneer
A group of wagons each pulled by horses or oxen
Wagon trail
Someone who lives in a place without permission.
A person who fights against governement
Freedom that belongs to a person is a
An agreement between groups or countrys