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Who led Carthage in the Punic Wars?
He was defeated in all of the three.
What are the Punic Wars?
A set of three wars between Carthage and the city of Rome.
They were between Carthage and the city of Rome.
Who was Cincinnatus?
He was a temporary dictator of Rome. He was a farmer, was asked to be a dictator for a war. He agreed. After the war he returned to the farm.
Who was Virgil?
He based an epic on myths borrowed from the Greeks. He wrote another for Augustus when he was emperor.
A long narrative poem.
Who was Horatius?
He was the 'ideal citizen soldier.' He fought back a group of enemies single-handedly and saved the city of Rome.
Ideal citizen soldier.
What is a province?
A way of dividing a country. Canada has provinces.
Canada has these.
What is a plebian?
The common people in any country, such as in Ancient Rome.
What are some characteristics of Hadrian's Wall?
It was 80 miles long.
Built on the England/Scotland border.
Built by Hadrian between 122 AD-129 AD as a fortress/barrier for the Roman Empire.
What is an Emperor?
A supreme ruler of an empire.
What is a dictator?
One who has absolute power of rule in a country.
What is the Consul?
The annually elected cheif magistrate of the Roman republic. The magistrate was given the powers of a king.
Given the powers of a king.
What is an aqueduct?
A structure or an artificial channel used to transport water.
Archs upon archs.
Who is Venus?
The roman goddess of love and beauty.
What is a penninsula?
A paice of land surrounded by water on three sides.
What is a patrician?
A member of one of the original citizen families of ancient Rome. A member of the upper class.
Who is Jupiter?
The roman king of the gods.
Who is Minerva?
The roman goddess of wisdom and war.
Who is Mars?
The roman god of War and violence.
Who is Juno?
The roman queen of the gods.
Who is Pluto?
The roman god of the dead and the Underworld.
Who is Bacchus?
The roman god of wine and fertility.
Who is Diana?
The roman goddess of the moon and the hunt.
What is a volcano?
An opening in the Earth usually at the top of a cone-shaped hill or mountain out of which steam and other gases, stones, ashes and melted rock may escape from time to time.
What is the Roman Senate?
An assembly or council. Only patricians could be part of the Roman Senate.
What is a republic?
A government in which the citizens choose representatives to run the country. America has a republic.
America has a republic.