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Believed equality could be achieved through vocational education
Booker T. Washington
What were some of the negative effects of industrialization?
Child Labor. Long hours. Low Wages. Unsafe working conditions. Overcrowded immigrant neighborhoods.
What 2 immigrant groups were specifically discriminated against?
Chinese and Irish
What challenges did urban areas face in teh late 1800's and early 1900's?
Tenements, ghettos and political corruption.
Why were Jim Crow laws passed?
To discriminate against African Americans.
Who worked for womens's suffrage?
Susan B. Anthony
This was composed of groups opposed to the making and consuming of alcohol.
Temperance Movement
What was the Progessive Movement?
A period of time in the late 1800's where many Americans called for reform.
What did Progresive reforms focus on?
Urban problems. Government Problems. Big business problems.
What was the name given to journalists who brought to life the dit and corruption underlying society?
What was Plessy v. Ferguson?
1896 Supreme Court case concerning a Louisiana law that required separate sections on trains for African Americans
Who established the Hull House a settlement house in Chicago?
Jane Addams
Which Amendment, also known as the Prohibition Amendment, made it illegal to make, transport, or sell alcohol in the United States?
The 18th Amendment.
Through his political cartoons, he exposed the political corruption of Boss Tweed.
Thomas Nast
What interracial group was formed in 1909 and has remain a the forefront of efforts to gain legal and economic equality for African Americans?
Who fought for full political, civil, and social rights for African Americans?
W.E.B. DuBois
Which Amendment, ratified in 1920, allowed women suffrage?
the 19th Amendment
What is suffrage?
The right to vote.
Name some of the problems faced by African Americans during the Progressive Era.
Segregation, discrimination, literacy tests, poll taxes
Who was a colorful crusader for temperance?
Carry Nation
What does temperance mean?
The use of little or no alcohol.
Who introduce the "Wisconsin Idea" a direct primary election allowing the states voters to choose their party's candidates
Robert LaFollette
Who exposed teh unfair practices of the oil industry in her book the History of Standard Oil?
Ida Tarbell
Progressives are also known as
Who was considered a trustbuster and and environmentalist?
President Teddy Roosevelt
Which amendment, ratified in 1913, gave Congress the power to tax people's incomes to generate revenue for the federal government?
The 16th Amendment.
Name the famous book written by Upton Sinclair that describes the horrors of the meat-packing industry in Chicago
The Jungle
What did Upton Sinclair's book persuade Congress to pass in 1906?
The Meat Inspeciton Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act
Which amendment provided for the direct election of senators?
The 17th Amendment